Aerobics is the system of advanced training based on intensive providing the oxygen to our body cells, performed to the rhythm of music.

This set was developed by Kenneth Cooper – a fitness programme consultant of American astronauts. It is based on intensive and dynamic exercises, regularly repeated in relatively long period of time, bringing improvement of condition of our heart and lungs.

Traditional aerobics training combines both rhythmical movement exercises and stretching, as well as typically weight exercises, performed usually in group to the rhythm of music. The purpose of training is to improve the extensibility of our body, the strength of muscles and efficiency of our respiratory and circulatory systems.

One of the instructions form is so called ‘fat burning’. It is a form of exercises whose purpose is to burn the fat tissue intensively. The key element of this type of aerobics is performing the exercises that force to maintain our pulse at the level from 120 to 130 beats per minute. It is based on uncomplicated and not so tiring activities that create certain choreographic arrangement. This training is performed without jumps, swings or energetic movements.

Other type of aerobics is low impact aerobics – the training that engages a large group of muscles, at least one leg of a participant is constantly on the floor. It is characterized by low intensiveness, additionally based on so called ‘base body position’, which is: slightly bended knees and arms, pushed forward pelvis and flexed buttocks and stomach, which prevents from excessive joints burden. This type of aerobics is dedicated mostly to elders and languid people, and even for pregnant women.

Amongst the other types of aerobics exercises there are: step-step, TBC – relying mostly on shaping of entire body’s muscles and aerobics-dance – a group of gymnastics exercises performed with music.



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