Avocado - a wonderful fruit

Avocado, much less known under its Polish name ‘smaczliwka’, is a fruit which was appreciated by the population of both Americas already thousands years ago, yet it was introduced to Poland relatively not long ago and since then is a rather infrequent guest on our plates. Totally unfairly.

Frequently people who know and like avocado try to avoid it in their diet because of its calorific value. Unfortunately, it is the most calorific of all fruit – its 160 kcal in 100 g is quite a lot in comparison to e.g. apples (50 kcal in 100g),  raspberries (28 kcal in 100g) or even bananas considered to be a very fattening fruit (90 kcal in 100g).

In spite of it all, it is worth considering to include avocado in your diet. Nourishing values of this fruit are really impressive. It is rich in vitamins – it contains e.g. vitamins from B, A, E and C group. It constitutes also a good source of many mineral ingredients e.g. magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Avocado’s caloricity is, in turn, related to high fat content. However, these are fats very beneficial for out body, the role of which is not limited to improving the assimilability of nutrients. For instance, unsaturated fatty acids from avocado facilitate the fight against too high level of bad cholesterol, decrease sugar level in blood and counteract sclerotic disorders.

This fruit provides also omega 3 and 6 acids in very favourable proportions for our body.

Moreover, avocado is a rich source of anti-oxidants including the incredibly valuable glutathione, which helps the body in obtaining other anti-oxidants. Consequently, consuming this fruit can have a very good influence on our skin, liver and nervous system. Thanks to lutein it can act favourably on our eyesight.

The list of avocado’s qualities and advantages could go on forever, but even a few of the above mentioned facts indicate that despite its high caloricity, it is worth having a bite of this fruit from time to time.

Photo credit: CamillaLindskoug / Foter / CC BY-NC


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