Beautiful legs or health?

One of the greatest assets of women’s bodies are beautiful legs. There are many factors, which have an influence on theirs look, starting from the genetic ones, by appropriate care, to exercises. However, every women know that, notwithstanding their beauty, they look better wearing heels rather than pumps.

Hells make that, the legs look more slender, and whole body looks lighter. Every lady knows that wearing heels isn’t  the most comfortable type of shoes, yet every lady is able to suffer the pain for many hours, to look beautiful.  

Unfortunately, frequent walking in shoes with the hill bigger then 7cm, even if this shoes fit perfectly, may lead to very serious diseases. Feet pain, excoriations, blisters and various types of injuries are quite common ‘side effects’ , however most of ladies do not know that, the improper position of feet in shoes on high hills, may lead to constant shifting of bones or reducing the Achilles tendon length so much, that standing on the flat feet may be even impossible. Additionally, the pressure on toes may result in distortion, which is the formation of so-called bunions. Ladies walking on heels very often feel the back pain. They may also have some problems with blood circulation, what may result in formation of varicose veins.

The awareness of this hazards do not have to lead to dumping of all heels – this type of shoes are a foil to women’s legs beauty, but should be used moderately. Certainly, heels are not the best shoes to work, but if worn once in a while, especially when we want to look pretty, they may improve our self-assessment, thus our mood.

Photo credit: Andrea Rinaldi / Foter / CC BY


Nasza Klasa Wykop


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