Fats in the human body are a constant building component, the primary solvent for certain vitamins and act as the energy material.

Due to the chemical structure of fats, also called lipids, can be divided into simple, complex, and sterols. The most important is the role of nutrition sterols, cholesterol, and among them, which is necessary inter alia the formation of bile acids, which are necessary in the process of digestion. Cholesterol get into the body with the food or it can also be produced by cells with other compounds. Both excess and deficiency is harmful. The overall level of cholesterol should not exceed 250mg/dl, but in the world it is considered a healthy level 180mg/dl.

Due to the origin, fats are divided into vegetable and animal:

1.Vegetable fats are an important source of vitamins. These fats are extruded from plant tissues, and their names are derived from the names of the plants from which they are obtained or sunflower oil or soybean oil.

2.Animal fats of animal tissue is concentrated fat content, such as lard or fat tissues isolated from animal such as fish oil, lard or butter in which there are further vitamin A and D.18

Recommended fat sources:

- Vegetable fats
- Fish
- Nuts and seeds
- Eggs
- Legumes


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