Gooseberries in diet

Gooseberry belongs to the plant found in the wild, and cultivated in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Probably comes from the region Himalayas. Its fruit
depending on the variety are white, green, yellow, to red and even blue color and can have a sour or very sweet taste. These tasty fruit contain valuable nutrients for the health affecting the work of the digestive system and immune system. It should be introduced to your diet, especially during summer, when it falls to fruiting time. 

Properties Health. 

Gooseberry fruits are a valuable source of vitamin C, E vitamins B and carotene, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. They contain a fairly large quantities of sugar and pectin, tannins, flavonoids, anthocyanins and serotonin, and such organic acids as wine acid, citric acid, or apple and many other bioactive substances is preferably affecting the functioning of the body. Gooseberries have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic that strengthen the immune system, and therefore are recommended for different types of infections. Also protect the body in these fruits with antioxidant substances, which fight free radicals that contribute to disease development cancer and premature skin aging.

fruits containing tiny seeds are beneficial for the digestive system, regulate digestive processes and accelerate metabolism. Strengthen the work cholagogue and hepatic function. In addition to the action diuretic and help clean the body with harmful health of the substance. Reduce digestive problems and stomach, are recommended for constipation, as well as in the diet of weight loss. In addition, its consumption is recommended by anemia, hypertension and arthritis.

Properties for beauty. 

The nutrients contained in the gooseberries affect appearance and condition of the skin, and fruit extracts of these uses also cosmetics. Enjoys a particularly successful oil gooseberry seeds, which because of its astringent, smoothing and firming is used to produce cosmetics for maintaining a youthful appearance. Oil This is also used for massage and other beauty treatments.

In diet. 

Gooseberries product is low calorie - 100 grams contains 41 calories. Aromatic and fruit wine perfect for preserves such as jams, jam, preserves, marmalades, compotes, and of wine. These dried and candied as may become component desserts or snacks. Especially valuable to health are fresh fruit, which can be eaten raw or prepare them juice.


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