Harmful cosmetics

We are buying any cosmetic to care of our look and the health of our body – no matter if this is the shampoo, nail varnish or just a cream. Of course, most of us know that, not of all cosmetics are perfect for our body –some of them may sensitise and others may not cause desired effect, e.g. when after applying the mattifying cream the skin of face quickly starts to shine. Most of people think about reading the composition of the cosmetic very seldom, may be except those people who have an allergy for a particular component. However, we all should form such a habit due to various substances, that may be harmful for our health.

One of this harmful substances is SLS – the substance which is suspected of causing many diseases. It is also known as a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or a sodium dodecyl sulfate. It is a detergent with one major advantage – it is cheap. For this reason many manufacturers add it to the range of cosmetics, and not necessarily to the low-end ones. Just check the composition of your shampoos, shower gels, foam baths or toothpastes – you will find this substance in many of this products.

SLS has washing and foam-forming properties. We can find this substance in a range of household chemistry, so we can say that, each of us is subjected to its actions in a quite large doses.

According to many studies, the SLS may affect tantalisingly on our skin, eyes and hair, we can feel itching after using cosmetics with this substance, we can get the dandruff or even pimples. Unfortunately, more often is spoken that, this substance may be more danger and may lead to hormonal imbalance, fertility disorders or even formation of tumours.

Even if we are sceptical to such informations, we should mind, because the SLS occurs in most of cosmetics, which we use daily. The complete elimination of this substance from our life may be very difficult to do, but we should pay attention on the composition of cosmetics that we – and especially our children – use, and we better choose those, which are not completely comprised of SLS. If we can’t buy cosmetics free of SLS, though we buy those cosmetics in which the SLS is not the main ingredient.

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