New tobefit version!

Summer is coming and with it a new tobefit scene! What's new?

First of all tables of calories. Crowds were writing a letter that "such a website should simply have them" - so they are. And this is what the release :) You will find plenty of food and prepared meals. You can check their calorific value and you will know the contents of the nutrients contained in food intake: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber. YES, FIBER. So a very important value for all who put on a healthy lifestyle and TILL NOW so difficult to find.

All the above values can be add up in Calculator, so you will be able to store detail consumed calories during the day and other essential nutritional value.

Over a greater number of calculators - now you can be measured and brew in several ways: BMI, WHR, NMC .... After the registration the new functionality of the Calendar. Ability to set private reminders, saving, and comparing its results ... There is planty of it ... Sign up and check it out!

Do you want to gain weight, lose a few pounds, or maybe you just eat healthy and check the number of calories and nutritional value of their food? Here you will find all the information you are interested in.

The caloric content of foods and meals ready to eat, such as soups, vegetarian dishes, meat, etc. More than this, the content of the nutrients contained in food intake: proteins, fats, carbohydrates and dietary fiber! Calories calculator by which you figure if your calorie intake with food is not too high or too low.

You do not know how many calories your body needs per day? Go to the 'Calculators', there you will find the CPM Calculator (The Total Transformation of Matter), which is an easy way to help you calculate your daily caloric needs.

Thank you for all the suggestions and ideas!


Nasza Klasa Wykop


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