A beautiful and athletic silhouette is a dream of every woman. It is even more desirable in a summer season. One of the ways to achieve significant effects is to practice Pilates – a perfect technique that shapes body and has considerable impact on our mood.

Pilates is a system of exercises improving our general condition and mental state, invented at the beginning of the 20th century by Josef Pilates. It focuses on stretching, relaxing and elastic muscles exercises. Through slow and very delicate and precise movements our body enables both; large, regularly used and smaller, seldom used muscles. This system combines yoga, ballet and isometric exercises.

Thanks to this training programme our body becomes resilient and flexible and as a result, it looks thinner. It is however important to precisely perform every single movement. A significant advantage of these exercises is the fact that they are performed with accompany of calm, relaxing music and thanks to it we can relax and our body works on our appearance. No specialist equipment is required to perform these exercises. You can do that at home by yourself, however it is worth to analyze carefully how to perform each exercise.

According to Pilates’s assumptions the purpose of this method is to strengthen our muscles without their substantial growth, to relieve our spine, to correct our posture, to give elasticity to our body, to reduce the level of stress and to improve our general condition.

Pilates is the most popular in the USA. In Poland it is still underestimated, however more and more often it can be met in the offer of well-known and modern fitness clubs and that makes it more and more popular. It is recommended to those who are tired by the exercises that sweat the muscles and to those who care about a slim, shaped silhouette. Practicing it is also recommended to the people with overweight and to elders.


Nasza Klasa Wykop


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