Stairway to health

At work a few times a day you have to climb up and down the stairs running from one department of the company to another? In your thoughts you wish you hadn’t arranged your children’s bedroom upstairs since you have to climb the stairs to comfort your offspring or incessantly fetch their toys scattered around the house? And maybe every time coming back home after a hard day’s work you think that you should have chosen to live on the ground floor?

Indeed, stairs can be tiresome, especially if you have to run up and down, carry your shopping or climb them in stilettos. However, before you decide to move to a high-riser with a lift, you’d better see the brighter side. Since stairs are one of the simplest pieces of fitness equipment and practically do not entail any expenses. After all, their advantages were also noticed by manufacturers of professional equipment. A similar principle to stair climbing governs also exercise with the so called stepper and the modern ‘Jacob’s ladder’, which gradually becomes popular in fitness clubs.


To climb the stairs more joyfully, we should be encouraged by the estimated number of burnt calories – in one hour you can allegedly burn even to 1000 kcal! Stair running is much more effective in this respect than regular jogging. The number of burnt calories to a large extent depends on our weight – the bigger your body mass is the more calories you can burn. As a result, you can ‘improve’ your results by applying a slight modification by carrying small water bottles. Yet, you should remember that this activity is a huge burden for your joints, especially for knees, so it’s better not to overdo it and this form of staying in shape definitely should be avoided if you have problems with your joints.


Except for weight loss, stair climbing strengthens leg, buttock and stomach muscles, improving the operation of the circulatory system, helps in body shaping and toning as well as in getting rid of cellulite.

Photo credit: Crown Molding / Foter / CC BY


Nasza Klasa Wykop


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