Sugar - the evil that goes by many names

Alarming data about the obesity epidemic encourage many people to pay more attention to their own diet and that of their family. Frequently, even people who have no problems with being overweight endeavour to control their menu for the sake of their health and good shape. Admittedly, there has been an increase in the awareness of the danger resulting from excessive amounts of consumed sugar, yet most of us not do not really realise that food manufacturers apply cunning tricks, thanks to which even people who read labels carefully  can think that a given product is completely healthy but in fact contains huge amount of sugar

It happens mainly because various names of sugar are used. What according to most of us is the ‘bad’ sugar i.e. the simple white powder used every day for coffee, tea or baking, goes by the name of saccharose. But sugar can be concealed under many names, not being ‘better’ or ‘healthier’ at all – well, maybe with small exceptions such as honey or maple syrup, which despite their calorific value contain also valuable ingredients including the natural xylitol with anti-tooth decay qualities.

We shouldn’t be misled by that fact that cane sugar is a healthier variety of sugar. It has only a slightly different taste. Fructose, in turn, is a natural fruit sugar, which delivered in the natural form, i.e. in fruit and with moderation will certainly not do us any harm. It is difficult to consider it to be a safe substitute for the ‘normal’ sugar since it can hamper the feeling of fullness and lead to obesity. Quite frequently fructose is added to drinks, and that is why you can easily lose control over how much you consume it.

Sugar can be concealed in many food products bearing a wide variety of different names such as dextrose, glucose, maltodextrose, maltose, lactose, saccharose or saccharine. Also corn, malt, cane syrup etc. is basically a form of sugar. So let’s treat these products with reserve since they contain sugar in many forms but under many names.

Photo credit: Lauri Andler(Phantom) / Foter / CC BY-SA


Nasza Klasa Wykop


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