Toxins out

A few cups of coffee per day, black tea, sometimes an alcohol and cigarettes – those are the first things that we associate with the excess of toxins in the body. Unfortunately the list of bad for our health substances is longer. Most of food products is “enriched” with various type of improvers – of taste, consistency and durability. It is no wonder that, we may sometimes feel like poisoned, we have a headache, we have a digestive problems or a general weakness. So it is worth to try the delicate purifying treatment from time to  time – if used moderately and with good health in general – it for sure won’t hurt you, it can only make us feel good.

The general principles of this type of treatment are based on the few days care about the nutrition. During this period you have to reject any drugs, including an alcohol, cigarettes, black tea or even coffee. Your diet should be based on the food processed at least as possible,  which additionally has cleansing properties.  It would be products reach in fibre, i.e. leguminous vegetables, apples, nuts, as well as other sources of antioxidants, for example chokeberry, blueberries or tomatoes. 

During this type of treatment, the proper vegetables and fruit are the basis of nutrition. It can be eaten raw, as well as in the form of soups or freshly squeezed juices.  You must avoid any harmful additives, such as sugar or salt. It is worth to enrich your food by herbs, both fresh and dried, which improve the taste of food and affect the better digestion.

Note that, we should focus on eliminating unhealthy products, against incredibly strict diet. Apples are very healthy, but can not be the only food, only varied diet may provide all essential nutrients.

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