Vitamins - of course, but moderately

Every day we are attacked by ads of every type of dietary supplements – while reading newspapers, watching TV or listening to radio we can encounter  on another informations about “necessary”  for our health, brightness, youth and beauty pills or powders.  Some of them, according to the manufacturer’s words, are necessary to keep shining hear and beauty complexion, the other will help to keep masculine fitness, and another will strengthens our bones.

That’s all about ads. In fact, any of medicaments may cause side effects, that’s way we always have to read the instruction sheets, attached to them. Note that, the manufacturer of particular dietary supplement, while describing its permissive dose, takes into account only one particular component, but the substances contained into this supplement may also occur in other drugs, that we take. We have to check the composition of all supplements, which we take in the same time, to prevent overdosing of particular substances, even if they contain only vitamins.  Vitamins are necessary for the proper work of our body, but the effects of overdosing  may be more serious than we seem.

For example, the C vitamin, which is known from supporting the immunity, is reckon as a safe vitamin, because it is removed from the body with the sweat and urine. However, this vitamin is relatively easily accessible -  you can buy it in the pharmacy without the recipe, also it is integral part of almost every medicine supporting the immunity and helping to fight the cold, it is also often addition to the different types of foods, e.g. drinks for children, and also (or maybe first of all) it is present in fruit and vegetables.  This all makes that, we can overdose this vitamin very easily, what make result in, e.g. kidney stones, a number of digestive system ailments and addictions.

In the case of other vitamins, overdosing, i.e. hypervitaminosis, also may result in bad effects.  It may be, for example excessive sweating, anaemia or even jaundice if the K vitamin dose is to high, bones decalcification and problems with kidneys when overdosing A vitamin, or problems with sight, numbness of the extremities and insomnia if the B vitamin level is too high. Therefore, we should inform our doctor about all medicines that we take, and we also should control doses of all substances that we take.


Nasza Klasa Wykop


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