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Reading room is a knowledge base about healthy living, nutrition, safe diet. We encourage you to read the information, advice, cautions that will help achieve your goal, usually requiring a large self-denial. Articles in reading room describe the often neglected, but very effective ways to achieve healthy looking and well-being, closer important nutrients, fruits, vitamins, advise what types of exercises are appropriate for a particular period of the year.
Keep in mind that many diet and "miracle" ways to weight loss methods do not have scientific justification and likely to end tragically for our organism. You should have at least basic knowledge of dietetic, so as not to be fooled by the often very expensive, but ineffective remedies and dietary supplements. Reading room was created specifically for users who want to expand their knowledge.
If you want to learn more on health and diet, or need some advice, we invite you to use our forum.

Toxins out

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia A few cups of coffee per day, black tea, sometimes an alcohol and cigarettes – those are the first things that we associate with the excess of toxins in the body. Unfortunately the list of bad for our health substances is longer. Most [...]

Harmful cosmetics

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia We are buying any cosmetic to care of our look and the health of our body – no matter if this is the shampoo, nail varnish or just a cream. Of course, most of us know that, not of all cosmetics are perfect for our body –some of them may [...]

Beautiful legs or health?

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia One of the greatest assets of women’s bodies are beautiful legs. There are many factors, which have an influence on theirs look, starting from the genetic ones, by appropriate care, to exercises. However, every women know that, [...]

Vitamins - of course, but moderately

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Every day we are attacked by ads of every type of dietary supplements – while reading newspapers, watching TV or listening to radio we can encounter on another informations about “necessary” for our health, brightness, youth and beauty [...]

Fish not so healthy after all

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia

Even little knowledge about healthy nutrition is enough to be aware that fish are one of the most nourishing types of food. They are a rich source [...]

Stairway to health

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia At work a few times a day you have to climb up and down the stairs running from one department of the company to another? In your thoughts you wish you hadn’t arranged your children’s bedroom upstairs since you have to climb the stairs [...]

Sugar - the evil that goes by many names

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Alarming data about the obesity epidemic encourage many people to pay more attention to their own diet and that of their family. Frequently, even people who have no problems with being overweight endeavour to control their menu for the [...]

Hand grippers

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Shaping a beautiful body usually entails long-term and systematic training. For many people it is too big a challenge to save up the necessary time. Fitness equipment of various type can come in handy, since it can be used in the privacy [...]

Avocado - a wonderful fruit

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia

Avocado, much less known under its Polish name ‘smaczliwka’, is a fruit which was appreciated by the population of [...]

Lemon treatment

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Contrary to public opinion, lemon is not the best source of vitamin C – much more of this vitamin is contained in e.g. [...]

Vegan diet

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Vegetarianism is a quite popular diet and its less popular version is veganism. While vegetarians do not eat meat at all, vegans are much more restrictive and avoid also all other animal products. As a result, they do not eat food [...]


Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Minerals are essential compounds (exogenous), and therefore must be delivered to the body with food. Body needs at least 14 minerals to work properly. Although they do not serve the energy, but are building material, and they are [...]


Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Compared to other components, the need for vitamin is low, however, a shortage of at least one of which may be dangerous for the body. Vitamins are essential compounds, because the body is unable to synthesize all, and if it is [...]


Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Fats in the human body are a constant building component, the primary solvent for certain vitamins and act as the energy material. Due to the chemical structure of fats, also called lipids, can be divided into simple, complex, and [...]

Carbohydrates & fiber

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. Organic compounds known as sugars composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Sugars are divided due to the size of the molecules into simple and complex. The main source of carbohydrates in the [...]

Protein in main role

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia The human body is made up of 65% water, 20% protein, 10% fat and 1% carbohydrates constitute 4-5% minerals.Proteins Protein composed of amino acids, are the most important structural components of living organisms. These components are [...]


Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia We use diet, counting calories, but do we know the basic information about the nutrients found in food? In a series of articles you will be able to remember the most important information necessary to compose healthy meals. Just a small [...]

New tobefit version!

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Summer is coming and with it a new tobefit scene! What's new? First of all tables of calories. Crowds were writing a letter that "such a website should simply have them" - so they are. And this is what the release :) You will find [...]

Appreciated us!

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” WHO 1947 The World Health Organization in its definition [...]

Body Ball

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Ćwiczenia z piłką cieszą się dziś wyjątkową popularnością.Nim jednak „duża piłka” na dobre zagościła w klubach fitness początkowo stosowana była w rehabilitacji. Ćwiczenia pacjentów z piłką wzmacniały mięśnie, zwiększały ruchomość stawów, [...]


Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Aerobics is the system of advanced training based on intensive providing the oxygen to our body cells, performed to the rhythm of music. This set was developed by Kenneth Cooper – a fitness programme consultant of American astronauts. It [...]


Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia A beautiful and athletic silhouette is a dream of every woman. It is even more desirable in a summer season. One of the ways to achieve significant effects is to practice Pilates – a perfect technique that shapes body and has considerable [...]

Gooseberries in diet

Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Gooseberry belongs to the plant found in the wild, and cultivated in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Probably comes from the region Himalayas. Its fruit depending on the variety are white, green, yellow, to red and even blue [...]


Foto - diety, kuracje, ćwiczenia Hazelnuts, which fruiting season falls in the months September and October are often called the "elixir of youth" because they are valuable source of vitamins and minerals. The introduction of these permanently nuts to your diet is [...]