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Do you dream of a lean and slim silhouette, but do not like a lot of practice? Are you looking for an effective and safe weight loss diet, but do not have time to visit a dietitian? This is the right place! Our website has been prepared specifically for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, without constant visits to specialists. Thanks to our portal experienced trainers, dietitians and doctors will help you lose weight - without leaving home!

Give us your age, weight, dimensions, time that you can devote to training, and we will prepare for you a suitable set of exercises. Fill out the form and we will create a diet specifically adapted to you and supplementary set of exercises, so you can enjoy good health! Using the calendar, you will not forget about exercise and meals, you can also visit our Reading Room in your free time, so you can expand your knowledge about healthy living!

Our site has been created for people who already have a fairly ineffective diets and unnecessary sacrifices. To use all the features of our site, just register. All this in order to lose weight has become easy and fun!

Toxins out

Diets - foto A few cups of coffee per day, black tea, sometimes an alcohol and cigarettes – those are the first things that we associate with the excess of toxins in the body. Unfortunately the list of bad for our health substances is longer. Most [...]

Harmful cosmetics

Diets - foto We are buying any cosmetic to care of our look and the health of our body – no matter if this is the shampoo, nail varnish or just a cream. Of course, most of us know that, not of all cosmetics are perfect for our body –some of them may [...]

Beautiful legs or health?

Diets - foto One of the greatest assets of women’s bodies are beautiful legs. There are many factors, which have an influence on theirs look, starting from the genetic ones, by appropriate care, to exercises. However, every women know that, [...]

Vitamins - of course, but moderately

Diets - foto Every day we are attacked by ads of every type of dietary supplements – while reading newspapers, watching TV or listening to radio we can encounter on another informations about “necessary” for our health, brightness, youth and beauty [...]

Fish not so healthy after all

Diets - foto

Even little knowledge about healthy nutrition is enough to be aware that fish are one of the most nourishing types of food. They are a rich source [...]

Stairway to health

Diets - foto At work a few times a day you have to climb up and down the stairs running from one department of the company to another? In your thoughts you wish you hadn’t arranged your children’s bedroom upstairs since you have to climb the stairs [...]

Sugar - the evil that goes by many names

Diets - foto Alarming data about the obesity epidemic encourage many people to pay more attention to their own diet and that of their family. Frequently, even people who have no problems with being overweight endeavour to control their menu for the [...]

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Diety - foto “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” WHO 1947
The World Health Organization in its definition pays a great attention to prophylaxis,